Sycamore Informatics has been founded with the single-minded quest to bring provenance, efficiency and cost savings to your clinical trial data handling, analysis and reporting functions.  Biopharma companies today conduct clinical trials with geographically distributed teams that need to work in a collaborative centralized manner.  The collation, integration, management, organization, analysis and regulatory reporting of clinical trial data involve highly complex, time consuming and labor-intensive processes.  We believe that next-generation systems that enable rapid and secure delivery of and access to the "right" data for analysis and reporting have become essential.  At Sycamore, our mission is to automate to the extent possible, these processes, by applying state-of-the-art tools, technologies and innovative algorithms.

Himanshu Oberoi, Ph.D.
CEO & Co-founder

Himanshu is an experienced executive having worked in senior management roles in several life sciences software companies. Prior to Sycamore, Himanshu was Senior Director at Oracle HSGBU and Vice President at Phase Forward. Himanshu co-founded Waban Software, successfully led its growth to become a global company and through a successful acquisition by Phase Forward. Prior to co-founding Waban Software Himanshu was Vice President, Informatics at DNA Sciences & PPGx. He graduated from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi and received a Ph.D. from Wesleyan University, CT.

Pankaj Tyagi
Head of Technology & Co-founder

Pankaj has several years of experience leading the development of large scale enterprise class software systems for the life-sciences domain. At Sycamore Pankaj is responsible for product design, architecture and development. Prior to Sycamore, Pankaj was Vice President at Oracle HSGBU where led the product development teams for several products such as Oracle Clinical/RDC, Oracle Siebel CTMS, Oracle LSH, Oracle CDC, CDA, HIE, Healthcare Analytics and Oracle TRC. Prior to Oracle Pankaj was Vice President Product Development at Phase Forward. Pankaj had co-founded Waban Software and successfully led the development and several global implementations of Waban CDR-SCE, Waban LIMS and Waban SMS products. Before co-founding Waban Software, Pankaj was Architect at Fidelity Investments and Director at AdValue. He has a B.Tech. from Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi and an M.S. from Boston University, MA.

Pratap Malik, Ph.D.
Head of Strategy and Business Development & Co-founder

Pratap is a successful serial entrepreneur and experienced executive. At Sycamore Pratap is responsible for overall business strategy and development. Prior to Sycamore Pratap co-founded Ephicacy Consulting Group and has helped it grow to a multi-million dollars revenue global company. He continues to hold the position of Chairman of the Board at Ephicacy . Prior to co-founding Ephicacy, Pratap was Vice President, Strategy and Business Development at Phase Forward where he led the global sales of the Phase Forward's CDC (Waban CDR-SCE) and achieved 200% year over year revenue growth for the product line. Pratap had co-founded Waban Software where he successfully led the business strategy and growth, acquiring multiple global pharma and biotech customers and the successful acquisition by Phase Forward. Prior to Waban Software Pratap was co-founder and President of Biosift. Prior to venturing into his entrepreneurial endeavors, Pratap had a successful academic career working at Harvard University and the University of Cambridge. Pratap has authored numerous scientific peer reviewed publications and patents. Pratap has a  Ph.D. from Stanford University.